The meaning of the Una River as one, only or unique is talking that the adventure in this river is also unique. Breathtaking experience recognizable by the colorful beauty, emerald green colored water, a large number of tuff and the murmur of the waterfalls, which completes its untouched nature.

One of the adventure in which you should attend is the international event “Una regata” which starts from Martin Brod and ends in Hrvatska Kostajnica. Every year the number of participants in events increases with tourists coming from Hungary, Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, Netherlands and other European countries.

Una boat, which was unique for this river, it is quieter during the descent through novogradska municipality. During this tour you may stop for shooting a waterfalls, tuffs, Una islands called ada and organize lunch in the countryside surrounded by Una. For those few with courageous spirit this tour can be done by kayak and canoe.

In the area of the municipality is organized sport and fishing club “Novi Grad” which is responsible for the management of fish resources. Una River is characterized by the existence of dozens of different fish species, among which are the most numerous trout, barbel, pomfret, maple and others. All information on fishing opportunities in the Novi Grad you can get from the SFC “Novi Grad” on the phone: +387 65 341 958.

Accommodation facilities are located near the banks of the river Una is exploited for the reception of tourists who are, mainly, attracted by the beauty of this river. Among them are the motel “Ada”, overnight “ERC” and two rural households, with about 70 beds.